Steak and Kidney Pasties in Flaky Cheese Pastry

These pies can be made as regular pies, in pie dishes, or in muffin tins or as one large pie, but the easiest way to make them (and to eat them) is in this pasty shape which can be cut in a size to suit . Make small ones as a snack or larger ones as part of a meal. 

For the Filling


1 onion,

Olive oil

500gms blade steak,

250gms lamb kidneys

¼ cup flour

Salt and pepper

½ cup red wine

1 T fresh thyme leaves or 1t dried thyme

1T beef stock powder

1 T tomato paste

1 ½  cups water

2 T worcestershire sauce.


For the Pastry


400gms flour

200gms cold butter cut into cubes

100 gms parmesan cheese grated

½ t paprika

1t salt

Chilled water



1 egg for glazing pastry

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