Sous Vide Lamb Rump with Quince Paste and Blue Cheese

Sous vide cooking is tradionally done by immersing vaccuum sealed food into a stable temperature water bath. 

You can achieve a similar result with your steam oven, using steam instead of a waterbath.

The result is meat that is melt in your mouth tender and cooked perfectly.

The quince paste could be substituted with fig or any other sweet fruit paste. I buy my pastes from the gourmet cheese section of my supermarket 


If you dont have a vacuum sealer, you can achieve a similar result by putting the food in a ziplock bag and immersing in water to remove air then sealing.

4 small lamb rumps, trimmed

100gms blue cheese

1 small tub of quince paste (purchased or home made )

Olive Oil

Fresh rosemary

Salt and Pepper

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