Pizza Stone Flatbreads

These flatbreads are a hybrid version of a more traditional Turkish style flatbread that would normally be cooked in a frying pan. Its so much easier and quicker to cook these in the oven as you can cook several at a time.

A pizza stone makes for the best result but you can cook them on oven trays that you preheat in the oven as well 

The combination of the yeast, as well as the yoghurt, results in a lovely soft dough with a slightly sour taste. Great for wraps or for dipping . Roll them in circles or in long ovals  on baking paper for easy transfer to the stone or tray 

400gm high grade flour

7gm instant active yeast

200gm water

3/4 cup of natural unsweetened greek yoghurt 

1 T salt 

Olive oil

Dukkah for sprinkling ( optional) 

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