Individual Summer Fruit Tarts

These delighful and easy tarts really benefit from the addition of steam but can be cooked in a dry oven as well . Puff Pastry is one of the foods that people are most surprised to hear that benefit from the addition of steam.  Add at least 50% humidity to your oven to really see the effect that can result in up to 50% more rise in puff pastry.


Ive included a basic Rough Puff Pastry recipe but you can just as easily use a commercial butter puff for this recipe 

For the Simple Butter Puff Pastry


250gms butter chilled and cut into 1cm cubes

 250gms high grade flour

125ml chilled water


For the Tarts

½ quantity of simple butter puff pastry ( or use purchased butter puff pastry)

 1 large piece of summer fruit per tart  (Nectarines plums, apricots, peaches are all good options) 

 30 gms butter

 2 T raw sugar

 1 tspn cinnamon 

 More raw sugar to sprinkle 

 1 egg, lightly beaten

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