Dutch Baby Pancake

This recipes name is quite amusing to me because as far as I can ascertain it is neither Dutch, and it is definitely not baby sized!  From my research its origin seems to be American and the first recorded version of them appears to be in a Seattle restaurant. They are said to be derived from a German pancake style dish. In fact from my perspective, the closest equivalent to them is the Yorkshire Pudding!  They are certainly cooked in the same way, with an egg and milk batter cooked in a hot pan coated in fat.


Whatever you call them, they are delicious and the addition of steam in the equation made for a better rise with a lighter result than the dry oven equivalent. 

25gms butter

 2 eggs

 2/3 cup milk

 2/3 cup flour

 1 T sugar

 1t vanilla essence

 Icing sugar for dusting


Fruit for serving and/or lemon juice or maple syrup

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