Bonet (Italian Chocolate Almond Creme Caramel)

This delightful chocolate dessert hails from the Piedmont area in the north of Italy. It is essentially a Creme Caramel but has the addition of crushed amaretti biscuits in the custard, which rise to the top of the custard and then when it is inverted onto a plate it  makes a sort of soft crust . This is a great dinner party dessert as it can be made in advance and turned out to serve when needed. 


You can make it in individual servings or in one large dish ( A loaf tin works perfectly for slicing) The large tin version will require longer steaming.

100gms sugar 


1T water


500mls milk


4 eggs 


125gms caster sugar


1/3 cup dark cocoa


100gms armaretti biscuits, crushed


50mls rum (optional)


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